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It is not always easy to stand up for what is right. This can be especially true when others you work with have chosen to participate in illegal behavior. But you had the courage to do the right thing and if your employer has punished you for your integrity, you deserve the best representation available.

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Speaking Out

You may not be aware that you are a victim of retaliation. Perhaps you feel as though you have been harassed, discriminated against or otherwise unfairly treated. But if you are being punished at work for drawing attention to illegal activity, that is known as retaliation.

Mr. Cowan represents workers who witnessed and reported illegal or unethical activity at work. This includes pointing out corporate fraud and those who would fall under the classification of whistleblower. However, whistleblower protection only applies when the employee is terminated.

A Reputation Of Success

Mr. Cowan has decades of experience representing employees whose rights were violated by their employer. In 2010, Mr. Cowan won a landmark decision in a retaliation lawsuit heard in the Tennessee Supreme Court. Mr. Cowan showed a causal link between his client’s exercise of a protected right and his employer’s choice to terminate him.

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