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As a dedicated employee, you invest a lot of time, effort and energy into your career. In turn, your employer compensates you for your investment. Unfortunately, sometimes employers overstep the boundaries of employment laws. Your workplace rights are strictly outlined by the state of Tennessee as well as the federal government.

Nashville, Tennessee, employment lawyer Wade B. Cowan has more than 20 years’ experience protecting the rights of clients who have sustained injury due to their employer’s illegal acts.

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Areas Of Employment Law

  • Workplace discrimination: This includes discrimination on the basis of disability, religion, age, race, pregnancy and gender.
  • Sexual harassment: This includes cases of hostile work environment and quid pro quo. There is often crossover between sexual harassment and discrimination issues.
  • Retaliation: Retaliation consists of an employer punishing an employee for engaging in legally protected activity. Examples of punishment include termination, decreased pay or reassignment, among others.
  • Medical leave: Examples of medical leave infractions include workers being replaced or terminated during leave. In some cases, employers have claimed that the employee did not give proper notice.

Follow Protocol

It is always best to follow the protocol set forth by your company when you believe your rights have been violated. Always file a documented complaint and keep all correspondence with your boss, supervisor or human resources department regarding the matter.

Usually an employer takes action when an employee files a complaint. Even if litigation begins, most cases are settled during mediation. In the event your case must be resolved in litigation, you can have confidence in Mr. Cowan‘s abilities.

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