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Sexual harassment comprises unwelcome sexual expression and activity. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to, a sexually explicit joke or unwanted sexual touching. Regardless of how you were sexually harassed, the reality is that this behavior makes it impossible for you to perform your job. It is also illegal.

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Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment cases often become entangled with hostile work environment requirements. Federal guidelines exist to help determine whether an employer has created a hostile work environment. Once we’ve established that those guidelines were met, we can move forward with legal action.

Quid Pro Quo

Another form of sexual harassment includes coercion, otherwise known as quid pro quo. If a boss or supervisor has offered you special treatment in exchange for a sexual relationship, that is known as quid pro quo harassment. It does not matter whether the threatened employee resists or submits. The bottom line is that quid pro quo sexual harassment is illegal.

Make Your Employer Aware

The first step to take when you feel as though you are the victim of sexual harassment is to report your concern to your employer. Make sure that your complaint is documented. If your employer fails to take appropriate action after your complaint is filed, then you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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